Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Their Nibs - Summer Internship

Over the summer I embarked on a months internship with Their Nibs, a high end vintage children's fashion brand. During my time there I worked closely with the marketing director and the Online Visuals team to create a variety of moodboards to advertise their new pyjama range, here is a few of my mock up boards:

Furthermore while I was there representatives from Prince George came down to the office to enquire about outfits for Prince George himself for his 1st birthday photo shoot!! Which was a great opportunity for me, because even though I'd only been there a week or so at this point I still got to suggest a few items!! Which I thought was pretty cool!

I was also in charge of creating a marketing plan for the pop-up shop they were setting up in the Westfield in Shepard's Bush:

So all in all I had a really enjoyable time working with Their Nibs and would definitely recommend interning to anyone considering venturing into the fashion world! It was great to get thrown in with so much responsibility, it felt good to think I was highly trusted by professionals.

- F xoxo

About me


So it has taken a ridiculous amount of time for me to actually get round to setting up a blog!! But I decided to take the plunge and set one up after nearly three years of procrastination. So I guess I should start by introducing myself...
My names Francesca, I'm 20 and come from Kent but am currently living up in Northampton studying Fashion Marketing, in my third year. I'm don't have the most exciting or extravagant life, but nevertheless I am a happy, positive and confident person (most of the time) with a strong love for fashion. 

If you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you that I like to stand out and express my own opinion, be a princess you might say, but this has helped me with expressing my love for fashion and beauty. I have been told that I am pretty caring, outgoing and funny so I hope I can connect with you when you are reading this, when you are down, need advice or just bored and want some inspiration, we can embark on this fashion journey together. 

-  F xoxo