Thursday, 19 November 2015

What I Wore

Today I wore this gorgeee Zara PVC skirt to a random trip to the circus! Dressed up enough to have made an effort but not over dressed, the monochrome cotten shirt compliments the shine of the PVC perfectly (if i do say so myself!)

I know I've mentioned these snakeskin booties but seriously how pretty are they?! I literally have lived in them this autumn!!!

I Couldn't hack the wind with this jacket in the end so I switched to this to die fur sleeved jumper!!

That's all for now

- F xo

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Winter's Finally Arrived

What’s all this storm business in England… Me and my wardrobe were not ready for the cold weather and blustery winds!! So naturally I’ve recently been on the hunt for the perfect winter coat and here are my top picks.






Now to decide which ones to get!!
-          F xo

Friday, 13 November 2015

Fashion Workieeee

Sorry I've been a bit quiet recently but works been taking up all my time!! So I thought I'd give you a little more of an insight into what I do.

As mentioned before in my blog I'm a Junior Merchandiser for Lauren Richards Ltd. As I've been there a few months now I'm getting more and more responsibilities for example I am now in charge of three accounts (Miss Selfridge, Tu Kids and George Men’s). Which basically means I monitor the process when the customer has chosen one of our designs until when it reaches the customers warehouse ready to go into store. In the past few weeks we’ve sold around 20,000 pieces across my accounts alone, so it has been pretty busy up in our MK office!! However now I’m just waiting on all the samples to come in from our factories in Hong Kong and China so I went down to our show rooms to help the design team set up for a very important meeting ready for first thing Monday morning. 

 (Above is the archive of scarves..... SOOOO many scarves)

There is a lot riding on this meeting, it determines whether or not we break into the USA…  Taking Lauren Richards international!! And been as we basically already cover most high street stores in the UK it only seems natural for that to be the company’s next move.  

(Above is a sneak peak into our showroom)

Anyway we did eventually finish it this afternoon, so fingers crossed our Sales team pulls it out the bag Monday morning!! 

That’s all for now

- F xo