Monday, 24 August 2015

My Little Trip To NYC

As you know I went to New York last week to drop my younger brother off at university! So here's a blog post just sharing a few bits we got up to over the pond.

My week started off pretty uneventful, we were staying out on Long Island as that's the campus my brother is studying at. So we were rushing round buying all the bits and bobs needed for your average uni house (he isn't staying in dorms, he decided to move in with a group of lads from the football team off his scholarship) so we were buying all sorts from mattresses and desk lamps to shampoo and bread!
Saying goodbye was hard, I think it hit my mum the hardest as she'll now be basically be living alone in our family home as my other brother's off travelling the world and my dad is away with work a fair amount, I'm her only baby still in England and I'm still 120 miles away!!

After our emotional goodbyes we were left a bit up in the air with nothing super important to do! So we drove down to the Hampton's and wondered round there for a few hours until it was an acceptable time for dinner. While we were there NY was experiencing its first heatwave since 2012 and boy did we know it!! It was absolutely boiling, not that I'm complaining given the rubbish summer we've had here in the UK! The beautiful weather made for some amazing views around the crab fishing creek we stopped at pretty special! 

Finally me and my mum were let loose in the big apple! As we'd both been there before we focused on the new attractions, the bits we hadn't done before! So we started our day of doing the High Walk, it's a garden walk along the old railway line going from West 34th Street down to Downtown Manhattan. The track was all self-seeded and beautiful, there was also a nice breeze above the buildings which was nice! 

We then went on a free cruise up the Hudson River giving us fabulous views of the Midtown skyline!

We then wandered up to Time Square, because you can't go to New York and not go see it!! Safe to say my mum still doesn't like it haha 

Finally, we met my dad at Byrant Park as he had gone to work for the day in the Met Tower (working on our holiday.... he wasn't impressed) wondered around a little more before heading for dinner. 

Stopped of at Grand Central Station: 
Overall I had a lovely week sending my brother to Uni, I mean who wouldn't? It's New York!!  

Upon arriving home I was greeted with rain. So I went from the blistering heats of Manhattan to a wet drizzly Kent! I guess on the plus side of the rain I got to wear my funky raincoat.... However I'd 
have preferred to keep the shorts on!
Anyway here was my outfit on a jet-lagged slouchy day in Town (excuse the fact it is a mirror selfie haha!)

(Mac- Topshop//"Double Crossed" Top- ASOS//Black Skinny Jeans-Urbann Outfitters//Trainers-Nike)

Oh and yes I did get the make-up off my wishlist in a previous post- and some, I'll be posting soon once I've trialled it 

-F xoxo

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Flight Essentials

Just a quick one before my flight tomorrow morning. As my flight out of Heathrow is at 8 I need to get up ridiculously early so I'll need something to refresh myself during the long day of traveling! 

These travel size creams, gels and balms by The Organic Pharmacy are perfect for inflight hydration for your skin. As the air con is so harsh on planes and really dry out your skin it's super important to keep fresh! 
Also my fave new lippy is eos, the green one I've got is mint flavour and it makes my lips tingle and really wakes me up, perfect for my early rise tomorrow!! 
And finally can't go wrong with an on-the-go sized perfume and this Bulgari one smells divine!

That's all for now, 
F xo

Ps this is the first time I've blogged from my phone so hopefully the layout isn't too jumbled! 

My Wishlist

So tomorrow I'm lucky enough to be jetting of to New York again, this time to drop my younger brother off at his first year at university (he is studying at NYIT as he managed to land himself a football scholarship), and as my dad put it we all dropped me and my older brother off at uni so strictly speaking  it is only fair we do the same for him! Not that I'm complaining as it means I get a cheeky trip to New York!

While we're there we'll be doing the usual last minute university panic buys of kitchenware and duvets and what not, but since I graduated in July just gone my dad has promised me a little extra congrats for graduating present so naturally I've been weighing up my options of what I want since I found out! 

It has taken me a while to whittle down my choices, I started off big with maybe a Luis Vuitton or Chanel bag or a Chloé clutch but as much as they are to die for I thought I better tone it down a bit, and actually shoot realistically! Also my make-up draw needs a massive revamp hence how I came to the decision to look into getting some new Urban Decay and Mac bits. 

Firstly, I've wanted a Naked palette for quite some time now, and the new Naked Smoky palette looks insane, and it's sold out throughout the most of the UK and online!

Next on my list is a trusty old Mac lipstick, I mean you can't go wrong with them! I've got a few colours including a a bright purple called Heroine, a pale pink called Angel, a light red one called Yellow Raspberry and a dark red called Media which are all great! The next colour I'm looking to add to my collection is an orangey type colour as I'm venturing more towards darker smokey eyes now so need a lighter coloured lip. I've heard good reviews about Sushi Kiss and Sweet 'n' Sour so when I'm out there I'll have a look and decide there!

Although I said I wouldn't ask for a LV or Chanel bag or Chloé clutch I did have a wee look to see which one I'd like.... Kind of hoped I'd hate them all and I'd be content with my make-up choices but truth be told I just want it all!!! Anyway a girl can dream right?? If I had an unlimited amount of my dads money to spend here's what I'd get:

I'll let you know how I get on when I'm back, wish me luck! 

F xo

Monday, 10 August 2015

My Weekend in London

So I was down in London last weekend celebrating two of my friends birthday's, Friday night a group of us headed down to Shoreditch to a club called Cargo and we happily danced the night away there, other than the prices of rounds (but being London I should not have expected much cheaper than  £9.85 for a single vodka lemonade) I would thoroughly recommend the club!! The atmosphere was incredible and in one of the rooms they had a few dancers on stage and occasionally they had confetti cannons going off!

As I was down in London I felt it was only right to pop for some afternoon tea. We checked on Groupon before we went and got a great deal; tea for two for only £12 at the Wellcome Collection in Euston. The tea for two included a pot of a loose leaf tea each, a few finger sandwiches, a scone with cream and jam each and two desert cakes each. I chose to have the red velvet cake and a elder-flower and strawberry macaroon, they were both to die for!! The restaurant was beautiful with some really nice art work and sculptures dotted around, and as it was upstairs you couldn't really hear the noises from the busy street below which was lovely!

After the afternoon tea we had a few hours to kill before heading out to our friends house for predrinks so we hopped on the tube down to Hyde Park and sat there for a few hours people watching and soaking up the rays!! 
I am also in loooove with my new floppy sun hat! I wear it at any chance I get, I feel it just makes any outfit look classy and chic! 
(hat-NewLook,crop top, sunglasses and necklace, Topshop, ripped high-wasted jeans - ASOS) 

After drinking a whole bottle of pineapple Ciroc at pres (between 8 of us... I'm not an alcoholic don't worry!) we headed back into central. This time we hit up 55Club on Oxford Street and luckily for us by being at the right place at the right time we ended up getting a VIP table for free which included a huge bottle of Grey Goose! Safe to say my memory of the night after that is all a bit hazey! Although the VIP treatment was much appreciated I did however prefer the music from the night before in Cargo. 

And finally finishing up my weekend we had a lovely BBQ in the sun, perfect hangover cure! I then headed back home to Kent to pack for my trip to New York on Wednesday, keep your eye out for a few NY posts to come.

F xo

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

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So I feel like I'm finally getting to grips with technology!! I'm on Bloglovin' now so give us a follow, just click the link below:

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Thanks F xo

And the job hunt continues....

After graduating last month and coming to the realisation that working at Next isn't quite going to pay the bills for the lifestyle I so insist on living, I got my act together and started applying for jobs here there and everywhere! 

Luckily I heard straight back from Fossil Ltd with an Assistant Branding position. So I went along to the interview in Milton Keynes last week all hopeful and optimistic and came away feeling the same! However I was unsuccessful but the feedback and experienced I received was invaluable!  

So now I find myself sat in Costa with a fruit tea preparing for my next interview (tomorrow for Lauren Richards Ltd for the role of Junior Assistant to the Sales Team) slightly less optimistic than before but nevertheless still oh so determined to smash it!!

So basically this post is just to try and calm anyone who is also struggling to find a job, don't give up!! I was unsuccessful with my first attempt but no one ever said it was going to be easy! If it's something you want your passion will shine through and you can achieve anything.

Here is a few interview tips that I got from the feedback from Fossil:

1) Know the company your interviewing for! Be passionate about the brand, make it seem like its the perfect position in the perfect company for you! Even if you're not entirely convinced yourself yet it'll look good to them if you know your stuff. 

2) Ask them questions, it makes you look interested and also shows professionalism!

3) And finally be yourself! I know it sounds cliché and obvious, like who else are you going to be? But seriously relax, stay calm and be confident in yourself and your own abilities!

Trying to keep it short and sweet as I've got a lot of preparing to do and I can't sit and mooch of Costa's free wifi forever! 

Peace and love