Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Wishlist

So tomorrow I'm lucky enough to be jetting of to New York again, this time to drop my younger brother off at his first year at university (he is studying at NYIT as he managed to land himself a football scholarship), and as my dad put it we all dropped me and my older brother off at uni so strictly speaking  it is only fair we do the same for him! Not that I'm complaining as it means I get a cheeky trip to New York!

While we're there we'll be doing the usual last minute university panic buys of kitchenware and duvets and what not, but since I graduated in July just gone my dad has promised me a little extra congrats for graduating present so naturally I've been weighing up my options of what I want since I found out! 

It has taken me a while to whittle down my choices, I started off big with maybe a Luis Vuitton or Chanel bag or a Chloé clutch but as much as they are to die for I thought I better tone it down a bit, and actually shoot realistically! Also my make-up draw needs a massive revamp hence how I came to the decision to look into getting some new Urban Decay and Mac bits. 

Firstly, I've wanted a Naked palette for quite some time now, and the new Naked Smoky palette looks insane, and it's sold out throughout the most of the UK and online!

Next on my list is a trusty old Mac lipstick, I mean you can't go wrong with them! I've got a few colours including a a bright purple called Heroine, a pale pink called Angel, a light red one called Yellow Raspberry and a dark red called Media which are all great! The next colour I'm looking to add to my collection is an orangey type colour as I'm venturing more towards darker smokey eyes now so need a lighter coloured lip. I've heard good reviews about Sushi Kiss and Sweet 'n' Sour so when I'm out there I'll have a look and decide there!

Although I said I wouldn't ask for a LV or Chanel bag or Chloé clutch I did have a wee look to see which one I'd like.... Kind of hoped I'd hate them all and I'd be content with my make-up choices but truth be told I just want it all!!! Anyway a girl can dream right?? If I had an unlimited amount of my dads money to spend here's what I'd get:

I'll let you know how I get on when I'm back, wish me luck! 

F xo

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