Monday, 24 August 2015

My Little Trip To NYC

As you know I went to New York last week to drop my younger brother off at university! So here's a blog post just sharing a few bits we got up to over the pond.

My week started off pretty uneventful, we were staying out on Long Island as that's the campus my brother is studying at. So we were rushing round buying all the bits and bobs needed for your average uni house (he isn't staying in dorms, he decided to move in with a group of lads from the football team off his scholarship) so we were buying all sorts from mattresses and desk lamps to shampoo and bread!
Saying goodbye was hard, I think it hit my mum the hardest as she'll now be basically be living alone in our family home as my other brother's off travelling the world and my dad is away with work a fair amount, I'm her only baby still in England and I'm still 120 miles away!!

After our emotional goodbyes we were left a bit up in the air with nothing super important to do! So we drove down to the Hampton's and wondered round there for a few hours until it was an acceptable time for dinner. While we were there NY was experiencing its first heatwave since 2012 and boy did we know it!! It was absolutely boiling, not that I'm complaining given the rubbish summer we've had here in the UK! The beautiful weather made for some amazing views around the crab fishing creek we stopped at pretty special! 

Finally me and my mum were let loose in the big apple! As we'd both been there before we focused on the new attractions, the bits we hadn't done before! So we started our day of doing the High Walk, it's a garden walk along the old railway line going from West 34th Street down to Downtown Manhattan. The track was all self-seeded and beautiful, there was also a nice breeze above the buildings which was nice! 

We then went on a free cruise up the Hudson River giving us fabulous views of the Midtown skyline!

We then wandered up to Time Square, because you can't go to New York and not go see it!! Safe to say my mum still doesn't like it haha 

Finally, we met my dad at Byrant Park as he had gone to work for the day in the Met Tower (working on our holiday.... he wasn't impressed) wondered around a little more before heading for dinner. 

Stopped of at Grand Central Station: 
Overall I had a lovely week sending my brother to Uni, I mean who wouldn't? It's New York!!  

Upon arriving home I was greeted with rain. So I went from the blistering heats of Manhattan to a wet drizzly Kent! I guess on the plus side of the rain I got to wear my funky raincoat.... However I'd 
have preferred to keep the shorts on!
Anyway here was my outfit on a jet-lagged slouchy day in Town (excuse the fact it is a mirror selfie haha!)

(Mac- Topshop//"Double Crossed" Top- ASOS//Black Skinny Jeans-Urbann Outfitters//Trainers-Nike)

Oh and yes I did get the make-up off my wishlist in a previous post- and some, I'll be posting soon once I've trialled it 

-F xoxo

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