Tuesday, 4 August 2015

And the job hunt continues....

After graduating last month and coming to the realisation that working at Next isn't quite going to pay the bills for the lifestyle I so insist on living, I got my act together and started applying for jobs here there and everywhere! 

Luckily I heard straight back from Fossil Ltd with an Assistant Branding position. So I went along to the interview in Milton Keynes last week all hopeful and optimistic and came away feeling the same! However I was unsuccessful but the feedback and experienced I received was invaluable!  

So now I find myself sat in Costa with a fruit tea preparing for my next interview (tomorrow for Lauren Richards Ltd for the role of Junior Assistant to the Sales Team) slightly less optimistic than before but nevertheless still oh so determined to smash it!!

So basically this post is just to try and calm anyone who is also struggling to find a job, don't give up!! I was unsuccessful with my first attempt but no one ever said it was going to be easy! If it's something you want your passion will shine through and you can achieve anything.

Here is a few interview tips that I got from the feedback from Fossil:

1) Know the company your interviewing for! Be passionate about the brand, make it seem like its the perfect position in the perfect company for you! Even if you're not entirely convinced yourself yet it'll look good to them if you know your stuff. 

2) Ask them questions, it makes you look interested and also shows professionalism!

3) And finally be yourself! I know it sounds cliché and obvious, like who else are you going to be? But seriously relax, stay calm and be confident in yourself and your own abilities!

Trying to keep it short and sweet as I've got a lot of preparing to do and I can't sit and mooch of Costa's free wifi forever! 

Peace and love



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