Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hair Inspo

So recently I've been massively inspired by hair inspo pics plastered over my social media. So I've been a bit sneaky and roped my flat mate into experimenting with my hair.

In the end we tried a tousled, beachy loosely plaited down do that could take you from day to night. It's so simple to do, I reckon even I'd be able to do it on myself rather than playing hairdressers.

So here's a few pictures of how it went in three easy steps: 

1) loosely French plait the first section going into a normal plait and then hold to one side

 2) Do the same with the other side 

 3) Knot both plaits together securing with grips where necessary 

Then here is the finished look

Hope this has inspired you to try new things with your own hair, let me know what you think

Thanks for reading, 



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